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Change My Story is dedicated to the daunting task of changing your life by moving to a new location, specifically to Wisconsin. There are many ways to describe moving—thrilling, terrifying, exciting, exhausting—all of which are true. Moving away from your home to a new place is not an easy step to make, and this blog intends to make the transition easier. Wisconsin is a beautiful state with welcoming people, so relocating here can be a seamless experience.

What do we do?

Change My Story provides everything you need to know about Wisconsin before moving here. We offer information about the entire relocation process, the best restaurants to look for, the nicest businesses to work for, the friendliest places to live, and much more. Even if you spend hours upon hours researching your new destination, there will always be certain aspects that fall through the cracks. Our goal is to bring every element to light, whether they be good or bad.

Moving is just one way of many to change your future; to change your story. Change My Story is primarily about moving to Wisconsin, but life changes come in many forms. Anything from deciding to get up at a specific time every morning to drink a bit less coffee every day can change your life. There are many small changes you can make that will have a heavy impact on your quality of life, whether you can directly recognize it or not.

The future is fluid

We offer practical advice for people who want to relocate to Wisconsin, but we also dive into life-improvement philosophy topics. Life is fluid, ever-changing, and impossible to predict, but many humans tend to stay the same. They dwell on the same problems that have plagued them for years, often recognizing them but refusing to make the necessary steps to help themselves. Those who refuse to change lose sight of who they are; who they want to be. The future is not fixed, change your story.

Be sure to check back often for regular posts from Change My Story or you can also message us on our contact page.

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